Wind Cross V (Butterfly) 2017-03-13T04:50:51+01:00

Bandlock® Wind Cross V (butterfly)
– for fast and reliable bracket fitting

There are several advantages of using Bandlock Collectors, which include:

  • Estimated time saving 35 minutes (compared with traditional solutions).
  • The wind tension band is the only one on the market that can run through the bracket.
  • Easy, fast and secure assembly of wind tension bands.
  • Assembly does not require screws and nuts.
  • Time-saving compared with traditional fastening of wind tension bands.
Special characteristics are:

  • Patented worldwide innovation
  • Bandlock is tested by the Danish Technological Institute and meets the applicable requirements for strength and corrosion
  • There are no legal requirements for CE marking of the Bandlock® system, since none of the existing (building) standards apply to Bandlock® or its individual parts
  • The Wind Cross V (Butterfly) can be used for attachment of 25 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm wind tension bands and perforated bands up to 3.0 mm in thickness
Wind Cross V consists of

  • 2 Band tensions with mandrel
  • 2 Collectors with nadrel
  • 1 Butterfly
  • 2 Branckets with mandrel hole